NY State Sporterifle

Sporterifle is a postal target competition using .22 caliber rimfire rifles. It was deliberately designed so that special or expensive gear is not required; many people can begin shooting using gear they already have on hand. Burlington Flats is one of several clubs statewide that participate in the shoots. Members (and non-members) 12 years of age or older are welcome to come join us at our indoor 50ft range on Thursdays starting at 6pm.

Sporterifle consists of two types of competitions. These is the main team-based competition and an iron sights only individual competition. Shooters can shoot either or both. We'll cover each below:

Main Team Competition
Participants may use any .22 caliber (.22 short, .22 long or .22LR) rifle along with any kind of sight, as long as the total combined weight is no more than 7.5 pounds. The only other limitation is that the butt plate cannot curve more than 1/2 inch from tip-to-tip. Adjustable butt plates must be set to a neutral position. If a rifle uses a magazine or tube, it can only be loaded with a single round at a time. Provided the rifle functions safely and meets the above criteria, it can be used in Sporterifle.

We shoot in the offhand position using no artificial supports (i.e., no slings, rests, or touching/leaning against anything, etc.). This means the shooter stands erect supporting the rifle with only two hands and a shoulder. There is an exception for female shooters as well as senior male shooters 60 or older: they are permitted to put their elbow/upper portion of their forward arm against their bodies for support. There are also special dispensations that can be made for shooters with disabilities (these are addressed on a case-by-case basis).

We shoot at "NRA Official 50 Ft Light Rifle Target" (A-32) target sheets positioned 50 feet away. A match consists of three A32 targets with a total of ten record shots per target (30 shots overall). Shooters are given ten minutes to complete each A32. The highest possible score per target is 100 and the highest possible match score is 300. The five highest total scores are selected from all that shoot and those results are sent in (NLT 6pm on Friday) for that week's team score.

Iron Sights Only (Individual)
In addition to the standard Sporterifle competition, there is a secondary iron sights only competition. The same rules and limitations apply, except that its an individual competition (no teams) and there is no weight limit on the rifle. You can read more in-depth rules at the NY State Sporterifle website.

Members are kept informed of team and individual Sporterifle standings through an optional weekly bulletin via post/mail, or via the Sporterifle website. The team captain will also post the standings in the range for team members to see. Please note that there is a $1.00 weekly fee for those who receive the mailed bulletin.

The price of Sporterifle varies slightly depending on one's age and which portions one participates in. The fees are composed of Sporterifle program shoot fees as well as a local range fee (for targets, heating, electricity, snow plowing, etc.). The specific/detailed price break-out is listed below:

  • Adult Shooters (19+)
    • If shooting just the main team competition: $6.00 ($1.00 Sporterifle Fee + $5.00 local range fee).
    • If shooting just the iron sights individual competition: $6.00 ($1.00 Sporterifle Fee + $5.00 local range fee).
    • If shooting BOTH competitions: $7.00 ($2.00 Sporterifle fee + $5.00 local range fee).
    • If also receiving the weekly bulletin, add another $1.00. So, someone shooting both matches and receiving the bulletin would end up paying $8.00 each week.
  • Junior Shooters (12-19*)
    • $3.00 per match (No Sporterifle fees. They only pay a reduced local range fee.)
    • * They must turn 19 after 1 September for this to apply.


Access & Parking
Before coming, be sure to check the club calendar and Facebook to be advised of any schedule changes. Please also be sure to familiarize yourself with our club club safety rules. Access to the indoor range is via the clubhouse's main entrance. Simply park outside and enter via the main entrance/front door.

Sporterifle Point of Contact
For more information about our club's Sporterifle activities, please contact Frank Allen or one of our club officials.


Above- Assorted views of Sporterifle activity

Sporterifle Specifics

  • When: The current season runs from 14 September 2017 to March 2018, Thursdays, 6pm until done (special arrangements can be made for those who can't shoot on Thursdays).
  • Where: Indoor Range.
  • Who: Anyone 12 or older.
  • Price: Varies from $3.00 for juniors up to $8.00 for adults shooting both competitions and receiving the mailed bulletin. See "Fees/Prices" on the left side of this page for a more detailed/precise price break-down.
  • Contact: Frank Allen, Webmaster@bffgc.com

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