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Mac & Cheese/Pork Dinner - 19 Feb.

We'll be having a macaroni & cheese and pulled-pork dinner in our clubhouse from noon to 3pm on Sunday, 19 Feb. 2017. Prices and additional details to be announced later.

Monthly Club Meeting Time Change

From this point forward, all our regular club meetings will be heldin the clubhouse on the third Thursday of every month starting at 7pm.

Bullseye Pistol League Every Friday

Our 2016-2017 Bullseye Pistol league shoots take place every Friday evening at 7pm. It runs until March 2017. Any licensed pistol owner is invited to attend. Learn More >

NYS Sporterifle Each Thursday

Sporterifle is a .22 caliber rimfire rifle sport. The current season consists of 21+ postal matches and runs though March 2017. We meet in our indoor range each Thursday evening from @6 to 8pm (*arrangements can be made for folks who can't shoot on Thursdays). All members are welcome to come out and give it a try (the more shooters, the better!). Learn More >

IMPORTANT: Encourage Reps to Vote NO on S1320

The left wing members of the NY state government are continuing their endless assault on the rights of lawful gun owners. The latest (and among the most outlandish attempts since the so-called SAFE Act) is Bill S1320. This bill seeks to This "limit the sale of ammunition designed for use in assault weapons to twice the capacity of such weapon(s) to those authorized to possess said weapon(s) within a 120 day period." As anyone can plainly see, this would adversely impact everyone regardless of the type of long gun they own. Its just another blatant attempt to place undue hardship on law abiding citizens. We We STRONGLY encourage you to write and call your representatives and tell them to vote NO. Learn More >

Encourage Reps to Vote NO on S00063

The latest leftist attempt to infringe upon our rights is S00063; this bill is meant to establish "a special fee on firearms, rifles and shotguns; establishes the gun violence research fund." This fee unfairly places burdens on gun owners, and information collected will possibly be manipulated and misused. Please communicate to your representatives that they should vote NO. Learn More >

If you like shooting & fishing, we’re the club for you.

Founded in 1964 and located in northwestern Otsego County, NY, our private club provides indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as well as fishing areas and indoor/outdoor facilities to our members. We host informative training sessions and hold many fun events. We're also the proud sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 9, Edmeston.

New members are always welcome!
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