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Pond Closed - No Fishing

Our club's fishing pond is closed until further notice. There is to be NO fishing nor boating until repair work is done and the pond re-opened. There are no exceptions. Members may continue to fish at our Mill Road/Wharton Creek property. If you see someone fishing or in the pond, please politely tell them its off-limits and ask them to leave the pond area. Learn More >

Hunter Safety Course - 26 August

We will be hosting a Hunter Safety Course on our club grounds on Saturday, 26 August 2017 from 8am to 4pm. Attendees must register in advance. Out clubhouse and ranges will be reserved for this event (and closed to all other shooting). Please see the "Learn More" link below to view course requirements and to register. Learn More >

Range Signs

We've seen several people go out back to use the 300 yard range without stopping to use the proper range safety signs and chains. This is careless and irresponsible. When shooting on the 300 yard range, everyone is members must remember to pull the chain across the main range entrance AND flip the white range sign around to read "Range In Use." When done, they must return the chain and clip the sign back around. THIS IS CRITICAL as it will help avoid accidents. Just remember that the club is now under thorough video surveillance: If something bad happens because YOU fail to display the proper signs and fail to follow our safety rules, it is YOU who WILL be held accountable. Learn More >

Professional Kennel Club Coon Hunts

Our club will be hosting a number of nighttime Professional Kennel Club (PKC) hunts this summer. There are night events scheduled from July through September. To see the specific dates, please consult our calendar on the right side of this page. You can also click on the link below to search the PKC website calendar of events. Learn More >

F-Class on Mondays

Our F-Class style shoots are held each Monday afternoon (Wednesdays in case of rain). Our "early shift" starts around noon/1pm and our regular shoot starts around 4pm and runs until we're done or its dark. All (even non-members) are welcome to attend. Price is $6 per target. It may be possible to shoot more than one time, but it depends on how many other shooters are waiting. As for gear, shoot what you have...you don't need a fancy benchrest rifle (learn more about what you can and cannot shoot by clicking the "Learn More" link below). Learn More >

Junior Rifle on Tuesdays

Our excellent Junior Rifle program is now underway. It runs on Tuesdays from 6-8p until mid August. Please note that the clubhouse, indoor range and outdoor 50 yard range are reserved each Tuesday evening for this program. There is to be no other shooting during this time. If you are interested in helping us sponsor the program, please let us know. Learn More >

If you like shooting & fishing, we’re the club for you.

Founded in 1964 and located in northwestern Otsego County, NY, our private club provides indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as well as fishing areas and indoor/outdoor facilities to our members. We host informative training sessions and hold many fun events. We're also the proud sponsors of Boy Scout Troop 9, Edmeston.

New members are always welcome!
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